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Nose – whiffs of Raspberry and hints of Cinamon. With notes of mineral throughout. Red fruit and pen ink with limestone and spice. Soft texture and feel up front with firm tannins providing backbone on the finish. 87 points. Nice wine. Well balanced with good fruit and light earth mineral character. This wine is like the people dressed in Goth outfits at the dance - not my style, but put together well and I'm sure they will make someone very happy.
France, with a community rating of 86/100
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Some liquorice and dark fruit on the nose. Medium body and a little tart with lots of sour cherry notes. Dusty dry finish with clean acidic mouth-feel. Hints of ink and leather on the finish. This wine is like penning a letter with a feather to an old pen pal sitting in a barbers chair using an jar of ink.
France » Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, with a community rating of 86/100
Nose: Green leaf and leather. Palate - Zippy acidity is up front with hints of very unripe blackberry and leather. This feels like a young wine that needs some time do develop in the bottle. The structure is there, but the fruit is a little muted.... for now. This wine in the band you saw at the Charlie before they got big. But you might not remember you saw them at the Charlie.
Australia » South Australia, Petit Verdot, with a community rating of 86/100
Tom Bima added a rating for Beringer Cellar No 8.
Bright berries and Cedar on the subtle nose. On the palate there is hits of blueberry and strawberry. A medium weight cab that is balanced between fruit and oak does not show excess of anything. It's good. But not extremely memorable. This wine is the wallflower at the high school dance that wants you to notice her, and she would make a nice companion to be sure, but all dance long, you are looking for someone else.
United States, Cabernet Sauvignon, with a community rating of 85/100
Oil, nuts, peach, pear, honey. Lush, vibrant, crisp, fruity, dry. This wine is like expecting canned fruit, but getting a perfectly ripe fresh fruit.
Australia, Viognier, with a community rating of 91/100
Made by Ben Riggs, one of the brains behind the popular Zontes Footstep line of wines. This is a fairly linear Shiraz with evident black pepper from start to finish. A good amount of Raspberry like fruit runs through the taste as well. Well balanced, but not one that will express lots of layers of character. This wine is the guy or girl that sits beside you on a plane, and you have a pleasant conversation with them, but the next day you won't think you were sole mates.
Australia, Shiraz, with a community rating of 84/100
I still can't help but think of Sideways every time I sample a Merlot. I did more than just sample this wine though because it's pretty darned good. Hits of campfire smoke and cherry on a big fleshy palate. Well balanced with the accent being put a little on the fruit component. If more Merlot wines were built this way, the movie Sideways would have been a flop.
United States, Merlot
On the nose, one might not think this is Chardonnay. Lemon and a little hint of grassiness comes through. On the palate, fresh and zingy, but unmistakably Chardonnay. Pear and some stone fruit shine, but then a touch of oak weighs in for a nice touch of warmth. Perfectly balanced, this is an excellent summer Chardonnay
New Zealand, Chardonnay, with a community rating of 90/100
This is a medium body wine with purple/ruby hues in the colour. It looks a little young (And I believe it has a little aging potential). Nose of sweet spice herbs and sour cherry. On the palate, the fruit hits first then the spiciness kicks in. Not a heavy brooding wine. More of a fun palate dancer. (This wine is different than when it first landed. The fruit stands out more now) the structure and tannins magically appear a the end to hold it all together.
Chile » Colchagua Valley, Garnacha, Cariñena, Mataro, with a community rating of 89/100
This bad boy is a 92 point wine spectator wine. Light body with notes of mushroom and spice. The nose carries through to the palate. Reminiscent of a Pinot Noir, I get a good touch of cedar on the finish in this well balanced light wine.
Spain » Castilla Y Leon » Bierzo, Mencía, with a community rating of 90/100
Love this wine. The palate is soft, but extremely lush. Perhaps a cherry note is there, but overall the flavour is of red fruit. The finish is the clincher. Extremely silky mature tannins and a note of vanilla. It's the mouth-feel and texture of this wine that really wins me over. Outstanding for any occasion.
United States » California » Napa County » Napa Valley, Zinfandel, with a community rating of 94/100
Tom Bima added a rating for Cignomoro Negromaro.
This wine represents the upper end of Cignomoro wines. Negroamaro (roughly translates to "bitter Black") - This wine shows character of Cherry and plum, with a hint of confectionary (candy) notes. The palate is extremely soft and lush up front then increasingly gets tighter and tannic as the taste goes on. Great wine.
Italy, with a community rating of 90/100
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